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To meet National and International needs for multi-role armored vehicles of high mobility, EODH has developed with its own resources a New Generation Vehicle with modular design and high performance, suitable to cover a wide range of missions of Military and Police nature. The design Team, using proven parts from reputable companies, designed a vehicle of high operational value, which stands out for a multitude of innovations and at the same time incorporates a top level of protection for its class.

The main goal of the new design is the creation of a basic platform with a maximum gross weight of 12 tons with a payload of 2 tons, easily adaptable to different roles, with the main features of Strategic and Tactical mobility, high reliability and operational readiness with the maximum possible High Survivability achievement and the ability to conduct missions under any conditions.

All this at a reasonable cost and without compromising on comfort, safety and ergonomics for the crew and the transported team.


  • Strategic mobility which means ability for air transport, on-road mobility with high speeds and over long distances with limited support needs
  • Tactical mobility which means on-road and off-road mobility thanks to high engine power, fully automatic transmission, independent suspensions, permanent all-wheel drive, advanced traction control systems and high ground clearance
  • Maximum weight of 12 tons with limited dimensions, central tire inflation system (CTIS) and run-flat tires equipped with support elastic ring in order to continue the movement after penetration or puncture
  • High payload capacity of 2+ tons and range of 700km, comfortable accommodation of 4(+4) full geared crew in long-term missions
  • Modular design with high protected cabin crew carrier and sufficient protected space in the rear for transporting cargo or 4 additional personnel in special seats
  • New generation modular protection system which provides adequate protection against small arms, machine guns, shell fragments and mine explosions, easily upgradable and adaptable for every mission/threat
  • Limited visual, acoustic, thermal and electromagnetic signature
  • Ability to carry various weapons in suitable mounts or remote weapon stations
  • Suitable high-power electrical circuit that can power any type of device or communications system and optional equipment such as NBC protection system, self-recovery winch, air conditioning etc
  • Possibility to adapt additional equipment for police missions such as roadblock removal system, automatic fire extinguishing system, tear gas launcher, etc


Novel monocoque chassis design made of armour steel (instead of armoured superstructure which adapted to a frame)

The design reduces the weight significantly, for a given amount of protection compared to vehicles using a conventional frame (scale frame)

The monocoque chassis has much better crashworthiness and high resistance to Mine / Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

Lower height and center of gravity (COG)

Better performance for a given weight

Fuel economy

Ease of vehicle’s maintenance / repair because of innovative design