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  • Threat analysis
  • Protection concept study
  • Research and development
  • Prototyping

  • Testing and qualification
  • Serial production
  • System integration
  • Design and manufacturing



The Research and Development department of EODH conducts research on the geometrical and materials design, simulation and manufacturing of protection packages suitable for land, naval and air vehicles as well as participates on the design of new armoured vehicles. The department is specialized on the design, characterization, manufacturing and ballistic/mining tests of classified and new custom-made materials, according to the platforms’ needs, emphasizing on the use of novel (micro) structures and geometries. The distinct materials are integrated on the protection systems and applied on particular geometries and configurations, depending on the threat and application. The armor protection solutions of EODH include ballistic protection, mine protection, improvised explosive device (IED) protection, against KE and shaped charge threats protection, etc. The department collaborates with Hellenic and International Universities, Research Centers and Companies.

EODH Metal Matrix Materials reinforced with Nanomaterials

EODH has developed new generation metal matrix composite materials reinforced with nanomaterials. These novel materials present extra high ballistic protection in combination with light weight and competitive production costs.

EODH Laminated and Modular Composite Protection Systems

Modular and Laminated composite armour packages are the epitome of the EODH know-how and legacy. Evolutionary configurations and geometries with suitable material’s hierarchy are studied, developed, tested and manufactured. Each threat and application need customized design and philosophy. Novel joint designs and hybrid joining processes together with specific assembly design highly improve the anti-ballistic/anti-mining performance of EODH’s Protection Systems.

Fiber-reinforced composites & Spall liners

The new fibers of EODH show an outstanding dynamic performance resulting in a high ballistic performance of the overall fiber-reinforced polymer composites. They can be used at significantly higher temperatures while maintaining their performance.

Transparent Armor

They offer weight reduction, multi-hit capability, and adequate visibility after multi-hit attack, greater temperature range; same or higher light transmission in visible and IR range