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EODH is one of the few leading Suppliers and Producers of Protection Systems for the complete range of vehicles – developed for any kind of platform and cover current and upcoming threats in conventional and asymmetric deployment scenarios. The backbone of EODH is the innovative and foresight range of Passive and Active Protection Technologies.
These are the origin for the design and development of comprehensive & trendsetting Survivability Solutions for All Platforms either  Land, Sea or Aviation. With  20 years of track record, EODH has recourse to its own state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility, consistently pursuing its dedicated investment and growth plans with a New state of the New Plant on the way. As a result, EODH has become an important global Partner in the development, design and manufacturing of all types of protection systems in the defense market, with activities in Greece, Europe and the Middle East.By providing innovative and Tailored Made Solutions for today's specific needs EODH became one of the Preferred Partners in the LEO 2A7 production as well in other modern AFV. Its key role results on the design, manufacturing and integration of their protection solutions. Furthermore EODH is currently involved in the development and implementation of the major Projects in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

As a Pioneer in the field of Ballistic Protection, EODH successfully incorporated Nanotechnology in its core developments of special / smart materials targeting improved/edged high-strength properties enchansing all kind of Protection Technologies and Applications

The New Generation of Composites and Hybrid Materials provide high ballistic strength with significant weight reduction, delivering the most effective price / performance ratio, and having interali,a the potential to absorb substantial amounts of kinetic energy.

For Spall and Fragments, EODH offers a wide range of Spall Liners produced by high performance composite and other materials with advanced fiber reinforcement. They perform excellently in dynamic load-cushioning and high ballistic strength compare to common Liners produced with classic fiber.

Finally, Transparent Armor is based on innovative glass ceramic technologies. A weight reduction of up to 70% compared to typical glasses, as well as multi-impact absorption, visibility even after multiple shots, higher temperature range, same or higher transmission of light in the visible and IR spectrum and high resistance to disintegration (Delimitation resistance) are just an overview on their pros.

The rapid evolution of Threats and the specificities of current and future scenarios of the various Threats have made it necessary to develop and adopt Active Self-Protection Systems, for a maximum combat value increase. EODH responded with ASPIS - NG…